Rob's Restoration


Rob's Project for this year.


How the bike looked when purchases, a sorry looking state. We stated to strip it to the frame, every part cleaned, polished/painted or replaced. Mostly all new parts are source from Suzuki GT Services or direct from Suzuki GB or Japan!

Engine stripped, new gaskets etc and rebuilt. Replaced wiring loom and virtually every nut, bolt and washer! All brand new prts where required are sourced and fitted.

Total project time - 4 months to complete. Approx 400 hours.

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How the bike stands when purchased in May 2005


The strip down 
Work begins August 2005 after waiting months for a parts list to be compiled and ordered.

Alloy parts polished and stored

Carbs, stripped, cleaned and painted

Engine painted and polished after being stripped and rebuilt

Wheels stripped of all the yellow paint, smoothed re painted, polished. New sprocket fitted to rear wheel

Frame cleaned and re painted. Engine fitted



2nd stage rebuild.
End September 2005. More new parts arrive from Suzuki. The plastics and fuel tank have been re-painted in Azure metallic blue. The new chrome swing-arm & bearings fitted, foot rests, seat etc. 

3rd stage rebuild.
6th October 2004. Rear end rebuild. New shocks, Chain & sprockets, Chain guard, Rear light assembly, rear wheel fitted.

7th October 2005.

Fuel tank fitted, New control cables routed, engine covers fitted.
Micron exhausts are de-coked, sealed, cleaned, polished and fitted.

4th stage rebuild.
22nd October 2005. All electrics now sorted, New chrome headlight, front fork stanchions,
refit braking system, front wheel, mudguard, panels etc.

 The bike complete and now on the finishing stages.
27th October 2005. Runs and rides fantastic. The noise is awesome too. 

Finished.. All final detailing completed.
12th November 2005. Final polishing and decals applied.



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