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August 2015


**Updated March 2019**


Hi 4 weeks ago I bought a frame, then another frame, then a seat (cos the wife liked it) then it went on. The last acquisition was the tank from America via Saudi and I’m picking an engine up this weekend. Not much to look at yet but already stands at about £800 without engine and so it will continue..... 

The bargain to date was the front wheel and disc £1.40 and the rear wheel £2.00 both on eBay.


Well here is my X7 so far but as you can see I have a long way to go yet!



Update March 2018


My X7 was completely restored from just a frame, and trying to source every part to make a complete bike from new and second hand parts that where available.



































This was going fine at first and parts where sourced to begin the long journey of having a X7 and building it the way I wanted to look the same as the one I have when I was 17. Friends questioned my project, commenting “it’s not standard” that is not what I wanted I wanted the bike the way I wanted it to look. When these bikes where new, we could not wait to change the look. Microns were a must to improve the looks and the sound. That all changed when I lost my job at SSI, the steel works on Teesside closed down in October 2015, they went into liquidation along with our redundancy terms and conditions. The question was do I sell to try to get my money back or continue.











































We made the decision to continue but the project was put on hold as with loosing the job we had to sell our home. Last year everything came together with help from Clarkes Motorcycles, a great deal of help from Michael Abbey rebuilding the engine and making the exhaust pipes. So it has been hard work but I proved it could be done with a bit of hard work, but if I was to do it again, I think I would buy a bike that needed restoring as some parts are so hard to find but Suzuki do a brilliant job still supplying new parts. 






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