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THE STORY SO FAR.............


I bought these three X7's from an old school friend along with two Tesco bags of NOS rubbers, indicators and other goodies like new pipes, new allspeeds re-coated and a covered seat along with lots of other yummy bits. My intention was to re live my love affair with X7's from my teens (but not hopefully the T boning of a van on my lovely blue X7). The bikes comprise of two mostly complete runners and one collection of parts rolling chassis.











The cunning plan was simpy - build one show bike with all the best goodies on and have one to use as summer fun.  Any spares left over would be kept for emergencies or sold/swapped for other goodies. How could such a plan fail!!

Then, as Blackadder once said "The devil farted in my face"


One of the complete bikes was found to have a bent frame, seemingly from a front end impact. Just as I was reaching for theValium help arrived from these very pages as 100plus helped out with the offer of a replacement frame - What a Star!!


So, the cunning plan was back on. E Bay was used to grab a new airbox, side plates, some chain guards - what could stop me now??? Invigorated I also invested in a new garage/workshop to host the re builds. Again what could stop me now!!!


Then Old nick arrived again and relieved gas in my general direction. The concrete had literally not dried on the garage floor when night time visitors arrived and burgled it!! Then, as the gas was starting to clear, another fart rumbled into my nostrils........On stripping the rolling chassis another dented frame was discovered, this time on the right hand side frame rail linking the seat mount to the footrest area. Not sure how it had been done, either some weird crash or a Gorilla with a vice! This together with chipped forks, engine casing chipped, wiring loom butchered and a host of spares worth only dustbin space - my plan of having a nice stock of spares had gone.....


So now dark clouds have gathered again, I could still stick with the plan of building and keeping two but now I'm considering selling the one complete bike to make more room. Then again with child number one due in April, I may have to give in to space pressure and get rid of the lot!!! I guess I need inspiration to get back in the garage......


Now where did I leave that bottle of Jack D??


Special thanks again to 1000plus and others for their kind advice and help



Johnny B 



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