Jim Devereaux's Restoration


This is my x7 bought in July 2008. Needing a little bit of work I think.........




My x7 bought in July 2008 approx 2 hours after purchase.

New frame powder coated, Nice.....Shiny........

Other frame was eaten by the rust monkeys...


 New rear shocks, new steering head bearings, powder coated yokes, swing arm

 New clocks,  tacho and speedo.

 Brake calliper stripped, new seals piston pads and paint. And a nice drilled disc to finish it....

 Nice brand new shiny bling mudguard - Original........

 Rear brake drum stripped and polished, new brake pedal, rod, springs and everything else to do with the rear brakes. 

Carbs completely stripped and everything that could be replaced was replaced and polished.  


Master cylinder stripped, new piston and seal kit. Painted new lever and front brake light switch.

 Front headlight. Completely replaced..........


Complete new clutch lever, 4 new indicators (genuine). Original handlebar grips.

New wiring loom, (second-hand) completely refurbished. New genuine back light.

Powder coated wheels with new wheel bearings.

Basically so far every nut bolt and washer replaced.


August 2009 - Here is the updated picture of the bike with the standard gold wheel colour.



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