Ian's Restoration




Well here she is, isn't she a beauty (in my eyes anyway!!). On an X plate, sat in someone's garden shed since 1995 and in a bit of a sorry state.

The brief history I have is that the last owner bought it as a first bike after passing test, rode it for a couple of years (and dropped it a couple of times) then bought a bigger bike and abandoned it in his mother in laws shed!

I have launched a cunning rescue plan to restore it to its former glory (a bit of a suprise really as I have no previous experience in restoration or bike building!!!) although me ball and chain does not share my enthusiasm for the old girl is calling it a bag of s**t and I should break it up for spares or put it in the bin!

Anyway, taking no notice of her it's now stripped down and fits nicely into two big boxes (and takes up less room in an already crowded garage).

Frame has gone to shot blast and I can clean off all the tacky blue paint that's on the carbs, wheel rims, calliper, shocks and a number of other bits.

This turned out to be my first learning experience as all the thinners I was using ate straight through the plastic container I was using to soak the parts!!

It's amazing just how much crap collects in every little nook and cranny but hey, it's supposed to be fun I keep telling myself and will be worth it in the end. 

Am looking to have the rolling chassis up by the end of Feb although it's a flexible plan depending on work commitments.








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