ian's Restoration


Nice isn't it? 

This is a result of taking a chance on ebay - be warned and do not bid on anything that does not have a picture of the item on ebay!!  I am thinking of it as a challenge!

It is nearly stripped now so doesn't look like this anymore.  It will eventually be restored as close to original as I can using a lot of excellent used parts which I was lucky enough to buy from a chap in Jersey.




                                            September 2006

Items shown are the rear wheel with new sprocket and fixings etc, the almost

finished frame and swinging arm with all new bearings throughout and pretty

good paint job by my father (please ignore the nasty rear shock being employed

simply to hold it all together at the back) and lastly the rebuilt front forks with

pretty good second hand stantions and new seals etc, plus the front wheel

awaiting new tyre (and one of my little boys clutching a bottle of lemonade creeping

into the pic)!. 


















                                   September 2007

At last the X7 is finished. Looks a bit better than when I bought it!  It is a shame I cannot find the pics I took during the rebuild but here are a couple of the finished bike.  It is now running great after one or two little teething troubles (totally normal for a just finished rebuild of course).  Don't worry, it has been taxed now so is completely legal (the picture was taken just before I taxed it).  The only thing I am not too happy with is the way the new seat cover has gathered where the strap comes over the seat.  We just could not get this to flatten down properly, otherwise the bike is great.  All credit for the rebuild must go to my father who took it on after I quickly realised that 3 children under 4 years old just did not give me any spare time!!  I did rebuild a fair bit of the engine however and it was totally my fault that I bust the first new crank by not aligning the bearing correctly in the cases when closing them up.  Oops.

The power band really hits at 6000 rpm and it zips up to 70 with no trouble at all. There's lot's left but I am still taking it fairly steady with all the new parts inside the motor.  A couple of hundred miles should see it right then I will start opening it up a bit more.




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