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I bought this bike a couple of months back already stripped and with some NOS.

The engine succumbed to my charms earlier today and now looks like this.

One gearbox bearing was a little tired (fook'd)

Gazlad helped out massively with some more NOs and other desirable bits. Like these luvverly carbs

Then it's time to sift through the boxes and boxes of stuff and pick out the really good bits.
Frame and all black bits were powder coated by Peateys in Yeadon for a measly 80.

I've never been shagged as well as this before!
Cases, barrels and head are now beautiful. I don't even want to put nasty dirty motorbike parts near them!
Thanks Shag of AJ's for a superb job
Thanks to Philswiv for bringing them back from Hull.

After the euphoria of getting my cases and bits back disaster strikes!

The gearbox bearing that had failed took out the lower casing but that was only obvious once it had been cleaned
Upper is ok but now I need to think about how to proceed. Do I get another lower and have it cleaned or do I machine both casings to take a roller bearing.

As I'm scuppered with the bearing problem till the new one comes through I tackled the casings.
I damaged the alternator side while taking out a siezed screw so reached for the spare one.

Off with the emblem plates then Nitromors and sandpaper had it ready to prime. I like to warm the casings before I paint them so stuck it under a fan heater for 10 minutes

The clutch side was in better nick so I gave it a light sanding which revealed a kickstart bruise and a slight scratch which I filled with chemical metal.

2 hours later and they look like bits of Airfix kit (I really love it when they are like this). Off to Halfords to match some topcoat in the morning. (Yes I know I left the oil seal in I'll drift it out once the paint is dry cos its easier than masking it)

Then I went and made a bollox of it by putting it in the oven too soon and getting a reaction. AAARGH . Note to self :must learn patience

So I cheered myself up by putting some of the nice bits together and dreaming about what It's gonna be like next year!

After yesterdays triumphs I had brekkie at Squires with Nobby, Gary Jay, Phil and Hazel picked up my 31K and decided I'd make a jig for my engine.
They are best done upside down so I came up with this. Bouyed up by my woodwork I turned to metal and tried to get a stuck screw out of the crankcase. Now I have a stuck snapped screw which will have to be drilled out

Ok now this is getting silly
Got the bearing from Granbys and it doesn't effin well fit
Part number has been checked and it looks right but......
No mention of interference fit or need to heat cases up in the Manuals (Suzuki and Haynes). This is the undamaged top half of the case too.

Off to my mates workshop this morning armed with Aluminium Solder and the new, too big, bush.
First he turned a piece of bar to exactly match the undamaged top half to check out for size and roundness

Phew it was round! But why didn't the bearing fit?
When measure it was found to be 3 thou bigger than the hole. That'll do it every time.
Using the boss he had machined earlier we checked to see how much was missing from the casing so we knew how much we had to build up using the solder.

Next we melted the aluminium solder on to the damaged surface of the casing.

Machining process.
The alloy has been built up and now it's time to make the hole round again. The issue here was making sure that the bearing was in exact alignment with the one on the other end of the output shaft. Norris (my talented engineering mate) knocked up a jig out of engineering plastic. This fits exactly into the hole for the large bearing and supports the casing at 90 deg to the bed of the milling machine. here it is being centred using a clever device Norris made. Simple and brilliant!

Here's the casing being machined. You can see the boss in place below the engine and another piece of engineers plastic being used to clamp it securely through the crankshaft space.

So now the engineering bit is over and the engine build can begin. The phosphor bronze bush now fits as the cases were machined to fit perfectly.
Got some nice screws from Bertrum's Bike Bits and a set of SGP seals from Dry assembly of the gearbox to check it all fit and moves round as it should and the halves fit together properly.

Well things are moving along niceley so I thought I'd get to grips with the paint I'd wrecked earlier. A morning with the with the Nitromors and wire brushes saw covers transformed.
I used Halfords Rover Gunmetal Grey and it's perfect. Baked in the oven (at a much lower temperature) to cure it. I just couldn't help myself and had to see what they were going to look like with the new screws in them. Love these moments

It's Halfords own brand Rover Gunmetal Metallic Grey, three coats of Grey Primer then about 5 of topcoat No code on the tin. Not laquered but it's a really nice finish, I'm well chuffed

Got my shiny bits back from Shag at Stafford WOW

Sent my zorts away with the front mudguard for chrome stripping so I can weld and lanish any imperfections before re-chroming.

Also got my crank back from re-build But one bearing is on the wrong way round so the locating pin don't locate Small mistake and easy to make but it's gotta go back so the engine is not going back together today

So to cheer myself up (seem to be doing a lot of that on this build) I unwrapped my powder coated bits and drooled over them for a while.

Gonna spend some time making a wish list this afti cos I suspect there's more missing than I first thought

More cheering up was required so I put the inlet manifolds on and the rubber damper thingys on the barrel fins.

Snagged myself another garage day
So up early to the chromers to pick up my zorsts and mudguard after they'd been stripped, and another bag of "shineys". Grinning like a w@nking jap

Cleaned up some threads then I just had to start doing the dry assembly.

Then while the Mrs was out I cooked something up in the kitchen.

Then I just had to make a start on the clocks using luvverly NOS

A little more progress today. Decided to try and sort out the wobbly ignition key plate. so I carefully bent back the retaining tabs on the back de-soldered the black wire and delved into the internals only to find it's rivetted so you cant get at it without knackering the lock. To quote Haynes "master of mystery". Re-assembly is the reverse of dis-assembly. Ah well

So turned the attention to the bits which need work before chrome. Gave them a light sanding and then a dust coat of some dark grey paint. Once this had dried I got the sanding block out and revealed where all the dings are. Next step is to braze these up and file and lanish them down. Gonna try to tap the ones on the mudguard gently back into the right place.

Next thing I know there's an aid parcel for me from Merv
So I spent the next hour cleaning up the rubber dampers and fitting them to the fins.

Crank is expected back this week so I can concentrate on finishing the motor before bubble wrapping it and putting it under the bench for later.

More "shineys" arrived from Shag so I got back at it in the garage this morning.
I've been Shagged so much recently I'm a bit sore now


Crankcases went back together well with lovely newly zinced bolts.

Clutch basket and plates fitted and then.....

Nowhere in the Suzuki or Haynes manuals is there instruction on how to get the bleeding springs back through the top plate so that those dumb fiddly pins can go back into place.
1st try with long nosed pliers I got one in then spring slips and pin goes into the housing

So I looped some electrical wire through the springs and fed them through the holes pulled them with pliers and snap! Same result
I then made a hook out of an old scribe but when you push the pin through it pushes the hook out and TWANG.

Walked away and sent SOS message to Gazlad

So this evening I made a little hook thingy and holding the pins with some long nosed mole grips I sorted the little buggers

So I checked the gears were working and when turning it by hand I can hear the kick start ratchet clicking. I do hope I don't have to split the cases again. Another distress flag sent to Gazlad

So now it's time to get the pistons back in. I use an old "cheat" to hold the rings in position.
I decided to use the old pistons as they are standard bores and only have some light scoring

And then I get carried away with all the other little bits and pieces and end up with the engine mocked up




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