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Erik's Bike Collection


Erik is from Holland and has restored many bikes, here they are....



My first X7

I built this bike with all new parts except the frame and rear wheel.

It's a real good looking example and looks as though it has just come off the production line.





July 2008

I have rebuilt a second X7 over the last 9 months. There are a lot of new parts on the bike:

New Cylinders, pistons, rings etc.

New Cylinder head, New engine covers,

All new seals and bearings, powder coated wheels.

New Original Exhaust system (I am still waiting for the Gibsons I ordered in October 2007!!

New Tank repainted, New Guiliari seat.

New Crash bars front and rear, new latest model speedo/tacho assembly.

New front forks, front mudguard, rear mudguard, Cagiva Mito front brake assembly, braided brake line.

Loads of gold Pro-bolt bolts and an awful lot of genuine little bolts, nuts and washers!!


Today it started 2nd kick, It runs very well and the first 50 miles are on the speedo..

I need to to a slight repair on the carbs to stop a small leak.





UPDATE-17th July 2008


My red X7 now has 305 miles on the clock!

I have put another set of carbs on which has cured the leaking problem, I have also put on a new handle bar from LSL, it is now closer the the original item.



UPDATE-28th October 2008


I bought today a new RAASK rearset and put it on my X7 this afternoon. Looks great but it's not a good fit had to work on the parts to make them fit properly. Can't use the kickstarter anymore though!.....









I bought this GT250K for 25 GBP back in 1990 from a friend.  It was missing a cylinder and had been sitting outside for a few years, but I wanted the bike so I took it home!!

After searching for parts at a breakers yard nearby I finally found a used cylinder and the rest of the missing bits.

I put it back together and got it running but it was completely useless - No brakes, only 5 gears (should be 6) and leaking exhausts..........

The search for NEW parts started in 1991. At first I bought all the parts at my Suzuki dealer paying the Suzuki prices.............Then I went to jumbles and found out that it could be a lot cheaper. 


After working on the K for 17 years it was ready in April 2008. It's a real head turner, looks great in the sun and rides good too.  I didn't take a picture when I bought her but this is how she turned out................





In the search for parts for the K I bought a GT 250 L in 1995. It was special painted and did run very nicely.  I used it for a while and started the restoration in 1996.  It was easier to find new GT 250 L parts so the bike was ready in 1998. 


I use it only when it's warm and dry and there are 8000 km on the clock now.  The striping on the tank is not exactly as it should be but I have a brand new tank in the attic...............



RG250 W



Earlier this year (2008) I found a RG 250 W. It's a Japanese import with the little red light that comes on when you hit 80 km/u. Not complete the faring was missing.

It's the first water cooled 250 and has the 'old' narrow power band.  It runs but gets too hot.  There is a lot of work to be done, at the moment I am just searching for new parts.  It will be restored but it may take a couple of years before it's up and running again.


RG 250 MK 111


I bought this in 2006 at a dealers.  It was/is running but not very well.  Absolutely no power below the 7000 and enough when you reach the 8500. I had it on a FUCHS bank tested and it should have 49 BHP but there where only 33..............and a huge flat spot between the 4500 and 7000 rpm.  I don't know what it is and have not started to work on it yet..........I do use the bike but it's not fun.  It will be restored when I have found the parts I need.


RG 250 M

In 2000 I bought the RGV from my Suzuki dealer mechanic with 30,000km on the clock.  At the moment there are 40,000 on it and still works great.  It's not a bike for long distances, I used it once for 600km in one day but wont do that again!!!! It's almost the perfect bike but I am trying to find the fairing parts for the Lucky Strike version.  I still need the tank and top fairing.  When I find the parts then the bike will be perfect..........








I picked up this GT185 for free in 2005............ It had a holed piston and was badly rusted from standing in a damp shed for a couple of years.  I restored it in 11 months and it turned out to be a lovely little bike.  The dyna starts is a bit special and works very nicely.  There are more than 2,000 km on the speedo now.  I am still looking for a new cylinder head cover


Update September 2012


I won 1st prize (best in show) with my GT185









T 350 R 1971




I bought this as a basket case in 2003.  It was complete and after a Saturday putting it back together it did run!!! I used it as it was for a couple of days.  Started looking for parts and found out that the 1971 model was pretty special in Holland.  It took me 12 months to restore it and most of the new parts came from the US.  It's a lovely bike.

Does anyone out there have a NEW seat for it please????




  That's all we have for now........


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