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I have now taken this X7 off the road as I am going to change it into an old race bike replica, full fairing etc in 'Barry Sheene' colours.







This is my 'un restored' X7.

I have only had it since October 2007. 

I will be riding it in 2008 and may

restore next year.  She's not bad

for 11 owners and 13000 Miles...........








Martin Wrigley

1979 GT125 ec model

March 2009 - Currently under restoration

'Restored - now in red'

Pictures taken 29th April 2009

The bike is a 1979 model, there have been only 2 owners from new and has only done 10,000 miles. I owned one of these when I was 17 so it was my first choice when I decided to do my first restoration project.

It has had everything done, I have replaced all the parts I could, it has been chromed and painted, I have even sourced the original tyres from Thailand to get the bike as original as possible (although it was unmolested before I started). Hope you like, I do, This was my first project -but won't be my last!


This is my 1980 X7 - February 2010

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