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"Here are some pics of my GT200. I bought it in January 2006 in South Africa.  It was first registered in 1983.  The bike is running well except for some problems with the fuel tap"















My 'modded' X7





Thought you might want to have a look at my standard X7 that I have rebuilt over the past 5 years mainly from NOS parts but also with lot of help from Ebay and of course your on line shop. Anyone who is stuck at the engine work stage I recommend you get some help from this site especially the re-bore and crank rebuild and all the other parts. It started second kick and has run perfectly ever since.
Many thanks keep up the good work
Dave - Fareham, Hampshire











Ian from Wraysbury, Middlesex.

Jet's X7

This is my 30 year old 1978 X7 which I have owned since 1993.  It has done 27,000 miles and sits along side my 1984 RD250LC

I got the bike 2 years ago, it was a shed with a white frame, gold tank and panels.  Aluminous orange wheels, no air box or indicators, a shredded loom and loads of non standard parts that were rubbish.  The only good thing was the engine - it's only done 8,500 miles and it's an 82 plate.  As you can see it's as original as I can get it.  I have changed the clocks to round type as I think the GS style clocks looked awful.  It just needs an original master cylinder to make it 100% original and that has now been sorted.  It's a great bike to ride and a real head turner.  It's got N.O.S. stuff on it all the way, hope you all like how it looks.  Cheers Jet.


Gary McDonald's GT125

I have just bought this GT 125 (October 2008) and believe it to be an X4 that was not officially imported into the U.K.? About to start a rebuild soon though some parts may be a problem? I always wanted another GT 125 after I wrecked mine early in my youth. 

Much older now but probably not much wiser!!!!!!!



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