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My name is Graham Garden, I'm from the frozen north (Aberdeen).  I've been building on and off the past couple of years my GT200 X5.  Attached is an image of my bike in it's current state and I'll forward some more when the paint work gets back from the painters.  As you can see it almost complete barring the cosmetics.  It has had a complete nut and bolt restoration, engine included.  I bought it two years ago as a rusting frame with three boxes of assorted bits.  Now it's almost finished I can't wait to get out on it and let rip!!!" See the finished article.










































Jon's totally restored X7 pictured next to his '75 pride and joy!!'

See Jon's restoration page Here










































This is my 200cc X5 1982 model which had 47000 km on the clock when I bought it - the engine was never opened. 

 It has done nearly 50000 km now and is still "old faithful".

I do also own a GSX1100E which I am busy rebuilding the engine, so the X5 must do

all the riding work.

The X5 in my opinion is one of the best bikes Suzuki have ever built.





Maurice bought this Dutch import X7 at the VJMC show, Uttoxeter in  July 2008.





My x7 bought in July 2008


Below is my X7 after the restoration, I finished it in February 2009

Click here to see my restoration page.





Tony Marcella

Here are some pictures of my X7 and 2 X5's - Feb 2010

updated July 2015

The first x5 is in bits at the moment and is currently under restoration. At the moment the tank and panels are at the painters, some of the metal work is off to the chrome company.


The yellow x5 is totally original, 12500 miles, standard engine, it's in almost perfect untouched condition.



The white x7 is totally standard and almost original, the only parts painted are the tank and panels all the rest is as it was in 1979, standard bores engine never opened, to be honest I am going to run it the way it is and just keep it clean, I would love a set of microns on it like I used to have on my three previous X7's. I wish I had kept every one of them, along with my 3 X5's, 2 GT185's and my X1 when I was 16...........





New Pipes.................





April 2010

The red X5 is almost finished, I took it for an mot today -  passed with flying colours, wish the yellow X5 was so easy as this we one!!


July 2015







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