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Steve says "Great site! I found this after the old seventh heaven forum went down, anyhow, sold my RD and bought an X7 to go sprinting on!

Not as quick as my mental GSXF1135EFE but still great fun, tuned top end stock bottom, TZR carbs, Swarbicks and running on good old four star and Castrol R, uumm!!"

See Steve's own sprint page Here



This is a 1979 GT250 X7 T reg. It has only 9700 miles from new and only 3 owners. Needs a little more work to make very original. Work will be starting soon.....











 Hi, I'm  from South Africa and I am very pleased that I found your website. I also own an X5 which I bought new in 1981.

The bike has done 28,000 km. Unfortunately the bike has been ridden without two stroke oil and now I have to redo the engine!! A big problem is that engine parts are not available in South Africa at the moment!!!!


I bought this X5 in March 2008 - Restoration work is now in progress.......






















DAMIEN LEE from New Zealand


                         This is Damien's GT380  


Marks 'Brand New' Unregistered X7!! - February 2010


l had a white X7 when l was 17, many years ago, just after my FS1-E Yamaha back in the 70's. It was like a magic dream when l first rode it, and l have always, up until l purchased this one, regretted loosing it. 

This is a brand new x7 that I imported in the original crate from Germany in 2009. The X7 is in blue and was shipped out of Japan in 1978 to Germany, it remained in that dealership until last year where it was then negotiated and brought to the UK. 

It was found in a Suzuki Main dealer (Hein Gericke, Germany), that never sold, nor has never been started and has all the necessary original shipping, Suzuki Motor Co and registration documents.

I was given all the original documented to register it, dated the 8 Nov 1980, along with the original handling import to Hamburg (Hein Gericke, Dusseldorf) dated the 16.5.79 and states: X7E GT250 EN.



The Kilometre clock shows 1.8 on it, The inside of the petrol tank is very much like brand new.

l was also given a brand new speedometer which is in Miles per hour showing 0.1 miles on it, this is in an original Suzuki tatty box but l haven't placed it on the bike as yet.


I do not want to attempt to start, drive nor register it as I feel this would take so much away from it. This may be one of only a few that remain as brand and untouched from factory.












The following pictures are of my all-round original Suzuki GT 250 1976 (M). We also owned one of these when my brother was 17, again back in the 70's.













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