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This WAS Keith's X7, he really regrets selling he has bought a new project bike - see below.

 Keith's new X7 project before starting any work on it.



I bought this X7 in September 2004 for 400 Euros!! It has only 17 horses! but is much fun to ride in the city. It eats spark plugs, runs on only 500-600 km per plug! It is nice and fast - too fast, I have never talked to so many policemen since I bought it..............Handling is perfect and the smell is great too.

In my favourite turns here in Düsseldorf I am now faster than with my Pontiac Fiero and that means very, very fast!!!


Garry from Telford.

This is his recently restored X7, looking very good..........




'Gudday' from New Zealand, what you are looking at here is my Suzuki GT200 X5 registered in 1983. It was bare metal, I painted it custom and may return it back to original one day but until then.......

I'm the second owner from new, it had 12000km and I paid 350$ nz. I had to rebuild the clutch because bike had been sitting in a shed for 12 years never been started or any road certification, I used a Suzuki ER185 clutch to get mobile!!

Mine has spoke wheels with drum brakes, I can't certify it for use in this country (New Zealand).

Great to see some other enthusiast of this make and model............




This is Dave's X7 - He's been restoring it for 10 years and says that

"It's still not finished" !!













Jens from Linköping in Sweden


I bought this 1980 X7 in February 2009. I  want to keep it original except perhaps the engine - I might want to give it a little bit of a tune-up!!

I couldn't be happier, we hit it off right away the two of us, I call her Marilyn....
Even though she was cheap to come by (£395), she's a Tigress. I'll take care of her now, make her purr, It's my first bike, I can't stop smiling. A big step from a full tuned FS1 50cc,  sorry if you find my English a bit untrimmed. I think she's untouched telling from the paint and all, a well preserved 28 year virgin if you ask me. I'm twelve years older and look a lot worse!!
I started out looking for a Yamaha RD350LC/YPVS but they were a tad expensive here in Sweden, yes I'm Swedish by the way. Then I read about the X7, which seems to have been forgotten over here and in many cases underestimated. Read more and couldn't stop once I started "..hooligan bike of the 80´s.." appealed to me since I kind of missed out on me own salad days. I'm in it now though with a vengeance, disguised as a humble law-abiding citizen, muahahaaa !

It says 28500km on the meter, probably correct !? A small play in the swing, little spot of rust on the front fender, few scratches on the tank, but that's it. Rest looks and feels right as rain. No funny sounds from engine as far as I can tell, neither clutch nor small ends etc. Not that I have any comparison yet though...Vehicle test report was clean anyway. Need a new front tyre, putting on original handlebar when the new cables arrive (expensive!). Tried to put stock bar on with those very long cables - see picture, awful handlebar on there now - but the throttles locked, quite scary actually. Started with full throttle and wouldn't turn off with neither ignition switch nor kill switch, had to put in gear and pop the clutch.

I'm very interested in tuning in general, but need to know more about the X7 in this regard so I am reading all I can find on this subject on the X7.
I would really want to thank the admins here and anyone else that contributes to this Super forum, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!










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