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Mark Leadbeatter from Austrailia

(Forum name: Ozhammer)

August 2015


I am a newcomer to the group, having only recently become a first-time X7 owner. 

I migrated to Australia in 2005 and since then have been slowly building up a small collection of 70's & 80's Japanese two stroke motorcycles, the latest of which is a 1981 GT250EX X7. I am the third owner of the bike, which is in very good condition, having covered just over 20,000 kms since it was manufactured. The previous owner was a retired chap, who had taken great care of the bike and treated it very gently, so I am now the lucky beneficiary of his stewardship. 

The X7 doesn't have the same notoriety here in Australia that it does in Europe, so prices have consequently not yet risen to the same levels and I was therefore pleased with what I was able to get for my money with this example. I do plan to make a couple of improvements over the coming months, as I intend to show the bike at the 2016 VJMC Australia national rally and have been very impressed with the amount of parts available for this model, especially compared to some of the other bikes in my collection. 

We have an excellent historic vehicle registration scheme for any bike or car over 30 years old here in Australia , which allows us to ride them to/from any official events for a modest annual fee of $70. Whilst this does prevent them being used on a daily basis, there are usually several club events each month. which means that our bikes do get to see regular use. 



A couple of photos of my bike






2 beautiful examples that were at the 2015 VJMC rally I recently attended.

es/Readers Bikes/Mark Leadbeatter Blue X7





Andrew Slack

August 2015







Simon Staveley

September 2012


I did this little lady in six months, loved every moment!!

Pictures show before and after.





and now................





Paul from Exmouth

January 2012


My name is Paul, I now live in Exmouth Devon.


I purchased the bike in 1984 when i lived in Worcester.


It was registered in 1980 by it's previous owner, the history of this bike is that it was left and neglected be the previous owner because of the law change that prohibited learner riders from riding 250cc . The purchase price at the time was 80 (a bargain) it was purchased because I had just sold my beloved GT250 with the air ram why, I can not fathom, still when you are young you do things with out reason .Enough crying over regrets lets get on to my new love,


A quick clean few new plugs a cheap seat cover and we were off on the road again, total bliss once more. Rode for her for several years with out any major problems. Due to a change in my work, she was not required for every day use so i took her off the road, put her in the rear of the garage covered her over for 12 years (but never forgotten). Circumstances changed as they do and I decided to revive her. This time I was going for broke - do every thing to bring her to her former glory. (cannot disclose the cost in case wife see's this web page!)



First off a complete strip down frame powder coated.


Engine shot blasted, rebore new piston and rings small ends, seat completely rebuilt by a friend who upholsters fire engines, new spray job and decals.


Chrome all refurbished back to original specs. Some original parts obtained from Japan


Put  back on the road October 2005.


Rode her for a few more years it was fantastic sheer bliss performed well smoked a bit as they all do.


In 2010 decided to do something about the smoking which by now was excessive, and poor starting when cold. So another strip down for the engine ,new crank seals bearings and big ends. rebuilt back together and back on the road. Here are a few pics as you can see she looks good. As you can see I need some T.L.C.    





Ray from Southampton

January 2012



This is my full resorted x7. Its a 1979 with r-g rear sprocket. Will hit 100mph+. Ray from Southampton









Fullseguridad from Argentina

October 2011



Hi guys, this is my suzuki x5 200 I am restoring ..I am in Argentina. Here in my country it is difficult to find parts, so it is going to be very had for me to restore this bike.




























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