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Mike Crowther

January 2011


I had a new mk2 when I was a 17years old and got the urge to have another one, after searching I bought this 1979 mk1 x7, it came with a few spares including a set of allspeeds which I have now put on the bike. Oh the memories come flooding back - it's a great little bike







Brian Hurst X7

March 2010





Peter Brocklebank


My X7 is now all done (ish). It was rescued from a skip (someone gave it to me when I bought my Bandit about four years ago - (The Bandit has long since gone but I will never sell the X7) and was best described as vandalised (someone had taken a screwdriver to the seat and every light!!).




This is at the Isle of Man ferry terminal alongside my mates GT380 after a camping trip to last years Manx GP.  So, fully restored, I did several laps of the mountain Circuit which was tremendous fun after previously only doing it on modern bikes.






Dave Smith - 'Smudger'


June 2010




I bought this x7 as a basket case in 2005. The bike was in such a state that I ended up buying a donor bike for parts as it worked out cheaper!

The bike had frame, yolks, wheels and various brackets powder coated. I had a full re spray that is of a reasonable standard. The Suzuki decal on the tank is not genuine.

The forks have been re-chromed. The engine has been rebuilt including crank and and a re bore. The seat is a giuliari which has been re-covered.

I wanted the bike to look like a proddy racer, hence the ace bars and the seat. I had standard coloured wheels on for a while but I prefer the white ones. The pipes came off the donor bike and are in really good condition.

The bike gets used regularly during the spring and summer and is ridden quite hard. I wouldn't like to guess how much money has been spent on it, certainly a lot more than the bike is worth! However these bikes are like the Forth Bridge-they are never really finished!

In the future I plan to build a 270cc conversion and possibly upgrade the front brake.



Jon T - August 2010


After many years of fruitless searching for my old 1979 X7 (XEB857T if anyone knows where it is) I purchased this one as a part restored bike in June 2008. However, as is often the case with these things, it was not really up to what I wanted it to be. So, totally rebuilt it over the last 12 months using many NOS parts and treated it to a powder coated frame, professional paint job and engine rebuild. Since this picture I have managed to source some NOS rear shocks and have fitted new chrome Allspeed Expansions from Gibson Exhausts - excellent quality and sound although I waited 4 months for them to be made.

Whilst the bike looks fantastic I do use it regularly. They are great to look at but really need to be used regularly to keep them in good mechanical condition. During the winter months it lives in a “Vac Bag” excellent and cheap way to protect it from condensation and general damp.




Keith from Buckinghamshire - December 2010


I saw this bike on E bay in November 2010 and fancied it.  Went to see it and liked it even more (even though it was a GT185 that I really wanted!)

The previous owner had done much of the hard work - brakes, paintwork, MOT etc, so I'm happy to just add new bits as and when I see them for sale.  I am looking forward to riding it to local classic bike nights.


Here are some pictures of my 1982 X5 ex model









  That's all we have for now........


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