Steve's modded race X7

Here's some updated pics of my sprint bike showing the cut down cylinder heads, the new flatslide carbs and the new Swarbrick spannies yum, yum, clip ons and front brake master cylinder!!


ACTION IN 2005 AND 2006 


In 2005 I had ridden Hoghton Tower the Ramsey Sprint and the Blackpool sprint along with a whole bunch of NSA sprints. Setting the bike up as I go along and getting quicker results. Next year I want to compete in the NSA Northern league and get in the points!I've had three seasons of sprinting now but only started using the little X7 this year as it's a lot of fun and cheap to keep going, well cheaper than my 1260 Kwak I used last year and my RGV! I've attached an image of me at the Ramsey Sprint last Tuesday. I've just hack sawed every surplus bracket and fixing from the frame and saved a shed load of weight, cheap tuning I think!!

July 10th 2005

Raced yesterday at North Weald which is away from where I live and took over four and half hours in all that heat! Anyway I never saw so many competition X7's in all of my life, altogether there were five of us!

I ran consistently in the 14's and topped out at around 85-87MPH, the fastest X7 there was running 13's and on a stock motor apart from Swarbricks and open carbs! It had been lightened beyond belief though and even the fuel tank was replaced with some miniscule container!  The timing lights packed up in the afternoon and we were flagged off instead in pairs drag race style which was interesting as you'd be up against all sizes and types of bikes. Amazingly the little X7 has the wheels on almost all bikes irrespective of engine size for the first few yards before the bigger motors starting coming on stronger, all in all I'm still impressed by the little X7 which is now over 26 years old, just shows how good they really were.

Got hold of some nice flatslide carbs now and I'm also chopping my cylinder head in half so I can line up the exhaust ports exactly on each barrel. I'll let you know when I have another event lined up.

This is me in action on my re-fettled X7 at last Weekends Hoghton Tower sprint. This event is a sprint up the driveway of Hoghton Tower a well known local stately home in the North West, it is 1/8th of a mile long with a further 1/8th of braking. My quickest time was 11.14 which although quicker than the RD250 and other X7 in my class was no match for a 250 KTM motocross bike or a couple of NSR 250 Honda's which ran in the nines!


Not really a fair comparison though as all of these bikes are some fifteen years newer with water cooling, alloy frames etc. My bike now sports a monoshock back end, nice billet alloy yokes, cut down cylinder heads and a rear disc brake together with flat slide carbs, the next logical step is either a big bore 275cc kit or more realistically sell it and buy a faster modern 250 offers invited? Next planned event is the Ramsey Sprint on the Isle of Man during TT fortnight which again is over 1/8th of a mile but this time it's flat but with a nasty kink in the track towards the end! I'll keep you posted. 

By the way check the weather out in the first picture! It was really hailing it down and strangely this was when I ran my quickest time?



June 28th 2006

I've raced at the Ramsey Sprint on the Isle of Man during TT fortnight where I had a best run off 9.76 at 74 MPH which is exactly the same time as I recorded in the same event two years ago aboard an RGV250!! So it's getting there slowly. Next event is at North Weald next month and then on to Santa Pod. Over this Winter however I have a very special motor to fit into the frame, namely a one off four cylinder two stroke based upon a GT380 triple which will make it a 500cc which with a bit of tuning could make 100BHP and this will hopefully make the little monoshocked X7 really shift! 

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