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Simon Cox


Photos of my X7 which I bought new in 1980. My mate never got the hang of riding pillion!












Gary Coupe

my 3 flf kits and my bike back in the day 1979













Gav Ramsden

First bike x1 not original bike and x5 passed test on again not original  bike but both same year and colours. 

Gav Ramo  Hull. 


















Martin Wrigley

32 years have passed and there isn't much difference!











Bought the bike in 1980 and still owns it!


Hereís a few pics I dug out from the loft.  This was my pride and joy when I bought it new in 1980. I was 17 and still have the bike today, although itís in bits needing a complete rebuild. I was hoping to have started it by now, but other things have got in the way lately (including a freezing cold garage). In the first pic itís beginning to look a bit tired, the Scottish winters having taken their toll. Then to freshen it up a bit, I managed to pick up a FLF Sheene Replica kit from Broadgate Breakers for £40. The Micron pipes were also bought from a breakers, but canít remember what I paid for them. With the pipes, S&B filters, and larger jets, the whole bike was transformed and really went like a pocket rocket. As well as the FLF kit, Microns and S&Bís the bike had Bill Roberts Race Products rearsets, Mel LeMoto clip-ons, and a Goodridge front hose. When I bought the kit, FLF were still making fairings, so I managed to get a screen and some brackets for it, as well as some original FLF stickers. Iíve still got the stickers somewhere in the loft, so if anyone is building a replica, I could find someone to make copies of them. These pics were taken in 1984/85.




Andy Wragg from Matlock - 'Wraggy'

Owned this bike from 79 till 82



Well I got it in 1979 after I took me ages to get my dad to sign the HP agreement. I also had the Sheene helmet! 


I had it for about 3 years until you had to take your bike test and that is when I let it go.


I came off it after me and a friend got off with some girls one night and he needed a battery for his car so we could take them out, so we set off to get the battery. Two of us and a car battery on the x7 went round a corner in the countryside and ended up in some dry stone walling (things you do for girls)!!

That is the reason why my brother sprayed it up for me after a little damage I had done to my bike.

The thing that upsets me is I canít remember who I sold it to and for how much and I never set eyes on it again!

I am trying to find out if my old reg number is still on the road and I also want to find one if any of your readers has one or knows anybody who would sell me one.

You can contact me through the forum - Wraggy






Update - August 2010

Thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of my Sheene replica that I managed to find. 


And Now!!






A young 17 year old photo of me on my X7!!

It was very quick, it had micron exhausts, competition racing baffles, hi tech reeds, S & B air filters. No head gasket. Up-jetted and skirt removed from the pistons.





Here's a pic from 1981, it was taken about 5 months after I bought my first X7 so must be about July, I was sweet 17 and had just passed my test on it (because I was fed up of getting stopped every ten minutes and the copper saying '"ha ha you're gonna have to get rid of that when the new law comes in!"  My mates had RD's and KH's.


She ended up with K&N's and black Allspeeds and if you remember all the talk of X7's having varying speeds from 95 to 110 (a lot of people used to say the white one's were the fastest, hmmmm kids) well mine must have been a good un because LC's couldn't live with it, mind you being 8 stone probably had a lot to do with it too, can't wait to get my one back on the road this year 'cos I'm still only 8 and a half stone now yee ha.


VMR818T - where are ya old girl??



Mark Bromhead from Nottingham

August 2010


Here's a couple of pics of me back in 1981, I went with a friend to Rufford Ford which is on the A614 Nottingham to Doncaster.


I bought the bike complete with paint job at Wraggs motorcycles in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in 1981, it was only a year old with a nice reg AAU 95T.


I bought the new X7 a year ago part restored, I've had it in bits a short while ago as the main bearing had collapsed. It's now back on road, I've just got to run it in now. Thank you for your site and help in rebuilding my bike.    Mark







and Now!!








Tony - 'Wuntun'


Then in 1980

and Now!!!










My brother Pete wishing he had one too!!














Mike Crowther from Stockport




When I was seventeen I bought a white mk11 x7 brand new on L plates, I past my test on it and I had it tuned and added a new FLF kit with microns.  Thirty years later I had to have another on, so I've bought this 79 red one, now in the process of giving it a good tidy up - November 2010.







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