Ladies and Gents ,
Firstly may Anne and myself thank all the participants in this years show for what was just the finest of weekends. The bikes as always were a credit to everyone, The stand looked fantastic and as usual we had a Fantastic level of interest from the public as well as a visit from a representative of Suzuki GB, and CMM Mag just to name a few and it is rumoured that Sammy Miller himself was spotted admiring our collection of machines. It is always a pleasure to meet people and talk bikes and see some old friends too.
On Display this year was Jason Potts newly acquired early stocks race machine, and Alan Wheatcrofts 1979 Custom Machine. Anne's 1978 Mk1 White Standard example and My Mk1 Blue 1979 Special with Gibson Allspeeds. Ken's 1981 Mk2 White bike with Microns, and Wayne Allen's Red Mk 1 Dunstall Special attracted lots of interest. Phil's Blue Mk2 with Bikini fairing and microns, Tony Wall's White Mk1 with Gibson Allspeeds and Dave Browning's Blue Mk2 in Standard Trim.
When the show was closed we all retired to camp Rossi for some fine food and banter, on Friday night Jason Astounded us all with his Chicken Curry, and On Saturday Anne's amazing Chilli went down a treat along with Kens Finest Jokes and a song or two from some bloke with a Guitar. The only way to Travel round the showground is by Raleigh Chopper and with 4 of them together we couldn't help but get lots of comments from people on them either, the most common question being " so whats the connection with an X7 ?" simple answer..... there aint one !!
But some of us graduated from Choppers to AP's & FS1E's then as soon as we were 17 and our mums allowed us we got an X7 so its an Evolution thing.......... I Think !!
Anyway again Big thanks to Anne and the Bear, Dave & Cath and the Boys, Wayne & Sean, Ken, Tony Wall, Phil, Mandy & The Ken Slater Fan Club, Jason, Al n Sal, Gaz Robbo, Raleigh Choppers all without whom .... Etc Etc Etc ....... :wink: :wink:


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