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Stafford 2010..........

Once again Gents and Ladies what a great show and weekend, we were fortunate enough to have some decent weather, food, drink and the best of company for two days in camp Rossi and again the interest in our machines was unsurpassed, it seems to me that X7's are certainly growing in popularity show by show, and its always nice to see a 40 something say " I had one of those" because you know they are re-living the moment........ we have all been there eh!
On parade from left to right on our stand which I have to say was the most impressive yet on a budget substantially less than a George Lucas production were 9 Stunning Suzuki X7's crammed into a 20' X 10' Space.

1.Dave Browning's Perennial 1980 stunning Blue machine which won best Suzuki at Uttoxeter in July 2010 in Standard trim
2.Anne's 1978 White machine "Beevis" in Standard trim sporting new Silencers this year
3.My own newly finished Blue "1979 Special" White Wheels, Sports seat and new Gibson Allspeeds characterise what every Essex teenager wanted in 79.
4.Gaz Robinsons Newly Finished stunning 1981 Blue Mk 3 machine sporting Wire wheels and a Gilly seat.
5.Tony Wall's beautiful white "highly commended at Stafford 08" pristine example in standard trim.
6.Orville's Stunning 1981 EN Model in White with a sports seat and gleaming Microns.
7. Alan Wheatcrofts "Highly Commended at Stafford 09" Single handed monoshocked special, a wonderful piece of engineering.
8.Phil Thorburns shining Blue 1979 example sporting a nice bikini fairing ace bars and sports seat, finished off with gleaming polished ally and blue wheels. Formerly owned by our ol mate Smudger, There was definitely a tear in his eye on Sunday I can confirm !!
9. And finally Wayne Allen's Stunning 1979 Dunstall Special in 70's Heron Suzuki livery with micron swinging arm and pipes and a rare white Gilly Seat - the only red bike on the stand this year.

Unfortunately no prizes were taken at the show by any of our bikes but we really did attract a lot of attention from the judging team who visited us at least 3 times whilst taking notes and I believe that we missed out by a very narrow margin.
There seemed also a lot of guys telling us that they are restoring an X5 this year so maybe they are taking a boost in popularity also, I think that some spares for these are rarer than X7 spares. All together another excellent show where it's always good to meet friends old and new.
A big thank you goes to Jase - Camp Rossi's own celebrity chef for the Beef Bob On and baked apples and bananas on Friday and to Cath and Anne for sorting Saturdays BBQ and again thanks to Dave for organising and hoisting the flag.......

It was mentioned that for 2011 as well as doing the Uttoxeter and Stafford shows, we could try and do something for the Mallory park festival of a thousand bikes and maybe the NEC in November all forum members welcome as always.
Weather permitting we will be going to the Ace cafe blue haze day if anyone is up for it

All the best and happy biking

Tony & Anne



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