So Another successful Stafford has come and gone and indeed the interest in our machines is still as healthy as ever.
Big thank you to Jase for the Friday nite barbie and to Dave, Jools, Tony, Wayne & Sean, Jim & Sue for all the help and good company. 
On show this year were Dave Browning's blue X7 1980 Rolling resto, Myself and Anne's 1978 white X7, Jim Devereaux's fine Red 1983 X7 Mk 3 Example, Tony Walls 1979 super prize winning X7 wearing a white coat these days, Wayne Allen's mighty fine 1979 X7 Dunstall Special, and Jason Potts excellent 1981 Early stocks racing machine ( The Space Invader !!)
In the concours section of the show, Gary Haythorn's Suzuki X5 deserves a mention as it took Second in Class, again another excellent achievement

Big thanks to everyone who came and supported us too, its always nice to meet a few old friends and like minded folk and to get to know a few people from the website forum too.

 You can watch a short video of the show in the 'sound and vision' section


Here's to 2010 chaps !!!


Tony & Anne 


Here are a few reviews of the show from the guys on the stand exhibiting there fine bikes

Tony Wall (RSVR1000) White 1979 Suzuki X7 says

Just like to say another great weekend, good to meet up with every one again, Wayne what a cracking job you have done on the Dunstall Special a credit to you mate, Jim lovely bike mate credit to you as well mate, all the bikes on show had some great comments over the weekend good to have the mix early and late models on show. Jools cannot believe on what sort of money you got for some of your stuff, watch out E bay!!!!!!
Dave, Tony and Anne was good to hook up with guys again, we spoke on the Sunday about doing something a bit different for the stand next time out, the Kettle club had all different photos of members bike and restoration projects before and after. As well as having old adverts blown up and laminated if there is anyone out there who could help out with this matter it would be appreciated. I have got some old mags with some good adverts if we good these scanned and then blown up we could then start to give the other stands a run for their money and may be we could get ourselves in the main hall. I want to try and get some old Suzuki signs so we can get them put, what's your thoughts on this, the bikes get great remarks shall we try now and put the stand on the map and give the Rd, LC and Kettle Clubs a run for there money.
Dave/Tony next time I will promise to book the day off and get there early!!!!!
Dave Browning (100plusblowup) Blue 1980 Suzuki X7 Says
Well people, another bostin show. Many thanks to everyone who turned out. Jase needs a big thanx for the barby on Friday night & for selling his 2 piles of poo!
As previously commended the job Wayne & Shaun have done on the Dunstall X7 was excellent takes me back to how my cafe racer should have looked back in the day. Compliments also to the other highly turned out bikes on the stand. Jims excellently finished mk3 ex model deserves a mention, travelling all the way down from Scotland.
Quite right Tony the stand fixtures need a little refurb and updating even though its served us well on a budget!
Till the next time, many thanks again.

Booking Friday off & bringing some carbon footprint logs. Dave.
Wayne Allen (GooseX7) Red 1979 Suzuki X7 Dunstall Special Says
Just wanted to say a big thanks to all on the stand at Stafford. You made Sean and I feel very welcomed. We enjoyed the show and talking to the people attending the stand. We hope to attend future events.
Hope to have the wire wheels and the rear sets on for next year.

All the bikes looked great and appreciate the opportunity to have my X7 on the stand.

Best Regards

Wayne (Dunstall Special)
Jason Potts (amscratchinmeedagain) Early Stocks 1981 Suzuki X7 Racer Says
Chaps, what a great weekend that was at Stafford. Good to see all of the regulars and some new faces as well.

That Dunstall X7 was mint. All credit to the builder and a real eye catcher for the stand, glad he brought it.

There was the usual line up of highly polished, expertly restored bikes in red white and blue colours. Just like a Suzuki bike showroom back in the day. Its always surprising how many people go all mushy when they see these mint examples and how many stop to take a picture or two.

Only thing lowering the tone on the stand (apart from a shagged Enfield seat someone brought along to sell ), was my old scrote of a racer. That didn't sell either maybe itís an omen. Guess Iím keeping it then.

I did manage to get rid of a Jawa and a Cossack (result   ) that were clogging up the yard. I now have some more X7 parts tokens to play with.

Anyway, just been looking round the tinternet to see when the 2010 Uttoxeter show is on and it doesnít say yet. If itís July like last year then Iím aiming to get the flat tracker done for then. I've already started cutting metal. Canít wait.
'Don't forget the REGGAE REGGAE'
Rearrange these words to make an exciting hip phrase. on bob.
Jim Devereaux (Jedx7) Red 1983 Mk 3 Suzuki X7 Says
Well done to everybody involved at the show. Very enjoyable weekend for us.  Met some new friends, All the bikes looked brilliant.
Remember Jason the gaffer tape and cushion for next years run..
See you all soon.
Jim and Sue







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