So another Stafford has come and gone and the 2008 show has turned out to be the best so far for the Suzuki X7 owners web stand.
There was a huge amount of interest in the bikes from the public and one of our band of merry brothers won a highly commended rosette for his excellent machine. The judges particularly liked the fact that the bike is used regularly, so that proves beyond doubt that the judges do take notice of us and a big well done to Tony Wall for achieving this on our stand.
Also on show was Dave Browning's (100plusblowup) Beautiful 1980 Blue example, Julian Roberts 1979 White one called Samantha, Two Bikes from myself and Anne namely our 1980 red Wuntun and newly completed white 1978 Bike named Beevis (best not ask eh !!) last but not least was Alan's Superb 1979 Single handed custom which commanded great interest.
The X7 was also represented elsewhere namely on the earlystock racers stand with Jason's (Amscratchinmeedagen) Green machine and another white un, and downstairs in the main hall Gary Haythorns excellent example in the private concours entries.
Also over the weekend it was great to finally put a few faces to names and getting to meet in person some of the regular forum members.
The biggest question of the weekend from people was " How do I join the X7 Club " ? The answer goes like this:
we all pretty much belong to one right here, right now, signing up to the forum gives you membership and access to a whole world of information for the X7 / X5 and beyond the confines of the world of Suzuki GT.

The forum generally gives us all the information and advise we need from none other than the worlds leading experts as regards to running, maintaining and fixing these beauties.............. the guys who actually run and own these machines.
it also tells you when and where there are meets...... who's got what for sale..... and there are members of the forum in Holland, Australia & New Zealand and South America to name a few, you wouldn't get that at a once a month poorly attended meeting in the local draughty ol scout hall and I have to say we are lucky to have a few characters on this forum always guaranteed to give us a bit of a laugh!

We have had a presence at the Stafford bike shows in April and October for a number of years and the VJMC show at Uttoxeter since the first one with a big thank you to Dave the man who              co-ordinates all the show stands and sorts all this out, where all are welcome to come and join us and we will hopefully have a presence at a few more in 2009.

there is a shop that is more than happy to supply and source any parts required new or second hand.

A gallery to show off your machine whether it be a pristine example or a bag of S**T running up the road and a restorations gallery where you can show off your skills by showing how you changed the bag of S**T into a pristine example.

A couple of the ideas we have for the future is an international owners register, to keep safe and preserve and make accessible to owners information about the X7 and X5 and possibly the holding and hosting of a national 2 stroke rally weekend.......

So..............Bottom line.................. how much should we charge for membership then ???? :lol:

All your feedback and any ideas you have on these matters would be gratefully received we also need some more pictures and content for the galleries etc......... just E Mail us:   or




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