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   I have a lot of experience with X7's, this picture is of my 1978 X7.  It is my third restoration/modification of an X7 and is very quick!! It ran a 13:61 quarter mile at Santa Pod at 108mph.  It is only slightly tuned and lightened and I have tuned the engine.....

      It runs:

  • "RM" flat top motoX pistons

  • Standard Carbs on 125 Jets

  • Allspeed Pipes

  • Modified Ram Air Induction System that really works well when you are above 60 mph

  • The gearing is very tall and I run an RG250 rear sprocket of 36 teeth

  • Replacement Indicators

  • Chucked the two stroke tank/oil pump

  • Skimmed and drilled the front disc

  • Made a new lighter seat - the cut down helps get behind the fairing (that's worth 10 mph easy)

  • Replaced the battery with a small 'sealed' cell





















I have now taken this X7 off the road as I am going to change it into an old race bike replica, full fairing etc in 'Barry Sheene' colours.




Hi, Just thought you would like to see these pics of my X7, I've had it for 10 years and at lot of hard work went into getting it like this. It gets more attention than my Ducati 916 when I take it out!!!


I recently purchased this bike and she's beautiful. She's called Samantha. She's had five owners from new and I am fortunate to have a full service history with her. The mileage of 7,629 is genuine and I have all the tax discs and MOT's for her from new. Only changes are the Allspeed spannies and Hagon rear shocks (I have the original pipes and shocks too).  She's been restored by her previous owner from Hull called Neil Dent and I am in possession of the history of the
restoration. I had always dreamed of owning an eaglet white X7 since I was a spotty 16 year old. Finally, as a 44 year old, I have realised my dream. She's an EN model, first registered on 13 May 1980. She is the latest addition to my family and is parked alongside Elsie, a 250LC I also own. I look forward in displaying Samantha at classic bike shows around the UK with you guys from the club.















  This is my 'un restored' X7. I have only had it since October 2007.  I will be riding it in 2008 and may

   restore next year.  She's not bad for 11 owners and 13000 Miles...........












Martin Wrigley

1979 GT125 ec model

March 2009 - Currently under restoration

'Restored - now in red'

Pictures taken 29th April 2009


The bike is a 1979 model, there have been only 2 owners from new and has only done 10,000 miles. I owned one of these when I was 17 so it was my first choice when I decided to do my first restoration project.

It has had everything done, I have replaced all the parts I could, it has been chromed and painted, I have even sourced the original tyres from Thailand to get the bike as original as possible (although it was unmolested before I started). Hope you like, I do, This was my first project -but won't be my last!


This is my 1980 X7 - February 2010

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